United healthcare Medicare advantage: let’s get healthy

Why do you have to know about United Healthcare Medicare Advantage?

It is high time that people start to think about their health very carefully. Health issues have started to creep into our lives. Severe and at times some dangerous health problems have turned out to be part and parcel of life. So, it is time that people invest more time on thinking about their health. This plan has brought a ready made solution. This plan brings forth health insurances which will help people to take care of themselves on their own way.

Who can apply for the plan?  Anyone over 65 can apply for Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 to help with extra medical bills

  • The people who want to apply for the plan has to be a citizen of United States.
  • The people who want to apply for the plan have to be legal residents.
  • The people who want to apply for the plan should have stayed in United States for at least five years at a stretch.

Are you eligible to enroll in this plan?

There are three different criteria which ensures a client to get himself or herself enrolled in the given plan. If anyone criteria are filled by the client, he or she can get easily enrolled. The three criteria are:

  • The person who is seeking an enrollment in this plan has to have a minimum age of sixty-five years
  • If a person is below sixty-five years of age but has a qualified disability, then he can automatically get enrolled in the plan. After two years, the Medicare eligibility will begin as soon as the company (health insurance company) receives the documents of the client getting the social security disability benefits
  • If a person is less than sixty years of age but is suffering from a terminal disease (or end stage disease) like (ESRD or End Stage Renal Disease) or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Various special eligibility criteria and rules related to Medicare are provided to them.

When to enroll in these plans?

  • Medicare always put forward it’s new rules and regulations regarding the betterment of the people. Various enrollment periods are provided like initial enrollment period. Usually people try to enroll themselves in this period.
  • Medicare General Enrollment Period (MEP) and Medicare special enrollment period (SEP) are two some of the periods designated by the plans
  • Therefore, any plan or any period, very carefully and judiciously. Take a firm decision and take a wise choice.
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