Ways for Seniors to Protect their Senses in Older Age

Ways for Seniors to Protect their Senses in Older Age

With age, each of the body’s 5 senses — smell, sight, taste and touch and sound — tend to deteriorate. However, there are certain ways which can prove beneficial in protecting them. In general, this may involve following a balanced lifestyle, which includes eating a nutritious diet, not smoking, working out and ensuring that you’re protected against various irritants in your surrounding.


Certain medical issues may have a negative impact on your taste, hence you must be careful about high blood pressure, diabetes, bowel disorders, etc.

Consider adding flavors that are more intense into your daily diet, possibly onion, tomatoes that are sun-dried, garlic, flavored vinegar, and sharper cheeses. You may also try adding a small amount of sea salt in vegetables along with some sugar on your favorite fruits.

Seniors experiencing dry mouth issues may find mouth moisturizer to be a useful option. Also, you need to consult with your physician about potential ill effects from the medications you’re currently taking.


If you’re in a noisy place, wear foam earplugs or ear protecting headphones as a safety precaution.

Ensure a balanced body weight.

Make sure the blood sugar levels don’t go too high.

Manage high blood pressure levels.

Wear hearing devices, if required.


Exercise without fail in order to maintain a suitable flow of blood to the eyes.

Get a sufficient amount of sleep to make sure your eyes stay lubricated & also to reduce the irritation.

Visit your eye doctor for regular eye check-ups. The doctor may also guide you if you’re experiencing blurry vision or having trouble while reading or driving.

Lastly, ensure that you’re not a recipient of any refractive disorder.


Exercise consistently while keeping your alcohol consumption as low as possible.

Avoid using cleaning stuff or other similar chemicals that have strong fumes.

A gentle smell of aromas like eucalyptus rose, clove, etc. for a couple of minutes, each day may prove beneficial.


If you prefer dancing, then dance, if you prefer tennis, then play tennis, if you prefer swimming, then swim. Basically, the more you move in the space, the more the receptors in your body are likely to remain useful and active.  Enroll at www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ for 2020 supplement plans.

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